Our Story

In the jungle, howler monkeys play a central role in the regeneration of plant life. They eat the fruits, and disperse the seeds in their waste throughout the rainforest, depositing the potential for new life as they wander. That’s sustainability.

The seed for ROAM was planted in 2005, when Adrienne touched down in Central America for the very first time. From the wild taxi ride to her arrival at a brightly colored hotel, through to her departure at the end of her trip, every moment was invigorating, and the people's joie de vivre was infectious.

She carried that seed home with her, and it incubated as she returned to Central America on subsequent journeys to study Spanish, to volunteer, to intern at an eco-lodge on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, and to lead yoga group tours to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

In 2008, Adrienne met Alvaro for the first time. Born in Nicaragua, Alvaro's family had immigrated to Canada when he was young, and both Alvaro and Adrienne were working as professionals at resource development companies - Alvaro as an engineer and Adrienne as a business analyst. 

Flash forward to today, that tiny seed of an idea has germinated. After ten years of working and living manic corporate lifestyles, we intimately understand what travel and time off means to those in the work force. The two of us share a passion for Central America, an instinctive desire to share the beauty of the region with others, and a drive to help hard-working travelers ensure that they make the most of their precious time off.

Sometimes, new beginnings sprout from unexpected endings. Just as with the howlers.