14 Romantic Things to do in Nicaragua

14 Romantic Things to do in Nicaragua

Forget Paris! Nicaragua is the place that really makes our hearts skip a beat. With serene lakes, jewel-blue seas and lush jungles, white sand beaches and towering volcanoes, there are plenty of unique places to visit with the one you love.

Here are our favorite romantic things to do in Nicaragua.


1. Visit the Turtles on the Pacific Coast 

Nicaragua’s pacific beaches are incredibly special in that they are some of the last remaining beaches in the Americas where sea turtle arribadas (or mass arrivals) take place. It’s not every day that you get to see hundreds, or even thousands, of turtles arrive en masse on a beach to lay their eggs!

If you are in Nicaragua late in the turtle-nesting season, you can also visit a hatchery, where conservationists protect clutches of turtle eggs from poachers and predators. If you’re really lucky, there might even be a nest of hatchlings ready to be released when you visit. The experience of releasing baby turtles into the wild is surreal and awe inspiring. You’ll sit on the beach as the creatures make their way down the sand towards a setting sun, and then wade out into the water with the turtles and watch as the waves carry them away, with their little heads popping up above the water every now and then to take a breath. Sigh. ♡

If you’re in the south, plan ahead and book a night tour to visit Playa La Flor. In the north, pack a picnic and set out on a day trip to Playa Jiquilillo or Playa Mechapa. It might be a bit of a hassle to get to, but it’s a small price to pay for the experience. 


2. Overnight on a Private Island 

Jicaro Island Ecolodge is our favorite escape near Granada, on a private island in the Granada Isletas on Lake Nicaragua. The lodge offers ultra-romantic, very private treehouse style casitas, and though it’s located less than 30 minutes from Granada, it feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

With friendly, attentive staff, luxurious accommodations, exceptional food, and an unparalleled location with spectacular views of Mombacho Volcano, this exclusive spot will give you a night to remember. 

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3. Picnic on a Virgin Beach 

Few travelers make it north of León, which is why the beaches on the northern Pacific coast are some of our favorites in the country. This remote area offers a wonderfully private getaway for a couple of nights, but if your time in Nicaragua is limited, you can drive yourself to Mechapa from León in an hour and a half, pack a picnic, and spend a sunny day outside exploring expansive stretches of virgin beach.

With only 600 people living in Mechapa, there are few shops, and no restaurants or cafes, so you’ll need to come prepared, but it’s still well worth the hike. 

4. Wake Up atop a Volcano 

For adventurers, this is a must! From up here, you will have some of the best views in Nicaragua. Summit El Hoyo Volcano together, and enjoy what feels like front-row seats for unparalleled views over Lake Managua, Momotombo Volcano, and Lake Asososca. Not only do you get to watch the sun go down, but you get to enjoy the sunrise from this height as well, and it is even more spectacular. Wear a good pair of walking shoes and pack plenty of layers, as it can be chilly. 

5. Climb León's Cathedral

León’s most prominent building is its cathedral, a statuesque white building that stands in the centre of town. Climb to the rooftop, take off your shoes, and take in spectacular views of the city and the 12 volcanoes that surround it. The rooftop is most impressive just past sunset, when the colors of the sky are most vivid.  


6. Find Your Own Piece of Paradise

If you’re looking for a private stretch of sand to share with your partner, Little Corn Island is an itinerary must. The moment you arrive via panga to the sleepy harbor, lined by colorful pastel buildings with the smell of fresh coconut bread in the air, you’ll instantly find you’ve fallen in love. Little Corn Island is an untouched paradise where lush jungle meets warm turquoise seas and white sand beaches, and here, you won’t have to walk far down a forested path to find a remote corner where you’ll be the only ones around.

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7. Retreat to Ometepe

Ometepe Island is among our favorite destinations in the country! It’s an island in Lake Nicaragua, comprised of two volcanoes attached by a thin land bridge.  The island isn’t easy to get to – you need to take an hour-long ferry ride from San Jorge, and then traverse unfinished, unpaved dirt roads to your final destination, but the payoff is worth it. We promise you’ll have an eternally laid-back stay, virtually secluded in the rainforest with spectacular volcano views. Roughing it has never been so romantic. 

Explore the island’s volcanoes, jungle, rivers and a 165-foot waterfall by horseback or rented motorcycle, and make sure to pay a visit to Ojo de Agua, a spring-fed natural swimming pool filled with crystal clear water that flows from Maderas Volcano. Legend tells it that the forested spring can not only heal what ails you – stress, allergies, muscle pains, fever – but also is the hidden fountain of eternal youth. Roughing it has never been so romantic.

8. Candlelit Beach Dinner 

Is there anything more romantic than a private candlelit dinner on the beach? Pre-order your meal from Aqua Wellness Resort, an award-winning resort located on its own private beach, Playa Redonda, on the Emerald Coast.

Their menu is top-notch, with exceptional food and even better service, so expect to indulge. If you’re not staying here, reserve a space for dinner and plan on spending the day stretched out on the beach, taking in views of the ocean. 

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9. Laguna de Apoyo

With deep blue waters heated by thermal vents, we love Apoyo Lagoon any way we can get it, but Casa Marimba, a colorful lodge on the northwest shores of the lake is an exceptionally special place to be as the sun sets. Their lagoon-view restaurant drips with romantic ambiance – all soft lighting and chilled-out music – and offers a delicious locally-sourced fusion menu (with vegetarian options as well as carnivore-friendly dishes). It’s the perfect backdrop for quality time spend sipping macuás with your partner. 

As a bonus, visit the town of Catarina, known locally as the “city of flowers”. Get a beautiful lagoon view at the Catarina mirador, or viewpoint, and spend an afternoon perusing the many plant nurseries that line the town streets. 

10. Keep Each Other Warm on Chilly Mountain Nights 

Matagalpa has something for everyone. With everything from hiking, to wildlife, to coffee, to whitewater rafting and zip lining adventures nearby, there is bound to be something that you’re into. It’s also a prime spot for meat eaters to get their hands on a dose of Nicaragua’s best beef. At Matagalpa’s elevation, the locals say that the weather is like “eternal spring”, but that means evenings can be chilly, so it’s an excellent place to get cozy with the one you love.

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11. Adventure Together 

Nicaragua is a land of opportunity for the intrepid adventurer, with an abundance of volcanoes, sunny coastlines, and enchanting cloud forests to explore. Share a new adrenaline-releasing experience and get your heart pumping with an activity like zip lining, whitewater rafting, or waterfall rappelling. 

Science shows there actually is something to thrill-seeking dates – moments of anxiety and adrenaline rushes can bolster romantic attraction and arousal. Plus, whatever activity you decide on won’t seem quite as scary when you’ve got someone there to hold your sweaty hand!

12. Sunset Boat Cruise

What’s better than an afternoon spent on the water? Relax and unwind on a luxurious catamaran, spot dolphins, sea turtles and whales, and spend the afternoon in a sheltered, secluded bay. Then, enjoy scenic views of the Emerald Coast and watch the sun fall below the sea while you sip on a local rum cocktail.

13. Couples’ Massage

Sometimes there is nothing better than just doing nothing together! For the ultimate day of relaxation and pampering, head to the spa at Yemaya Island Hideaway. We’d highly recommend the Energizing package for couples – it’s two hours of bliss! 

The treatment starts with an invigorating tropical body exfoliation, using coffee, banana and brown sugar, followed by an energizing massage, with extra attention on tight and tired muscles. 

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14. Brunch at El Convento 

This beautiful property in León is a boutique hotel built on the site of (and in the same style as) a former 17th-century convent, and situated in the heart of the city, only blocks from the cathedral. They offer a tasty self-service breakfast with all of your typical Nicaraguan breakfast classics – gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, fried plantains, fresh fruit and juices, bread, pastries and more.

While the food at El Convento is good, the atmosphere is what makes the experience worthwhile. The seating overlooks a large courtyard garden with well cared-for trees and plants, a tranquil haven from the busy city streets outside.



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