Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal
Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal

Exotic Mayan Ruins Sunset Proposal

Take a 60-minute drive into the Guatemalan rainforest to Yaxha National Park for a private, guided tour of this lesser visited, yet spectacularly beautiful Mayan site. Traverse winding paths through virgin rainforest, walk in the footsteps of ancient kings, and revel in the site’s mysterious atmosphere as you marvel at the massive stone monuments and temples and learn about the fascinating metropolis that once existed here.

As the sun dips toward the horizon, climb the main temple, where you’ll be greeted by a romantic picnic spread. Drop to your knee to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage as you look out over the surrounding rainforest and nearby Lake Yaxha, then celebrate with a bottle of bubbly as the sky turns fiery oranges, fuchsias, and cotton candy pinks overhead.

If you opt for a photography package, our associate photographer will pose as an employee of the tour company taking photos for a new website. They’ll snap all of the moments leading up to the time you pop the question, capture your proposal, whether on solid ground or thousands of feet in the air, and snap some portrait shots for a total of one hour of photography.

Available in: Belize and Guatemala.

  • Jungle
  • 4.5 Hours
  • Afternoon
  • Intimate

  • Regular price $850.00
    • planning, booking & coordination of all vendors
    • detailed proposal timeline
    • transportation to/from Yaxha National Park
    • private guided Yaxha tour
    • romantic picnic setup
    • sparkling wine
    Step 1: Reach Out

    Start by browsing our destination proposal suggestions. Find one you like, or use them as inspiration - we specialize in creating custom proposals tailored to your needs, interests, and budget. When you're ready, send us an e-mail with your dates & a brief description of what you’re looking for.

    Step 2. Let the Planning Begin

    We'll set up a phone consultation to discuss your budget and vision, then get to know you and your partner a little better through a short questionnaire. We're here to assist with overall execution, coordinating, negotiating and working with vendors to ensure your proposal goes smoothly.

    Step 3. Pop the Bubbly

    We present you with a draft blueprint of the plan for your proposal. Once you approve it and pay a deposit, we'll work behind the scenes quietly, getting everything ready leading up to your date. Then, we'll send a final invoice and blueprint of the details, and before you know it, it will be time to pop the question! Stop sweating, and let us create a proposal that you and your partner will never forget.

    You have enough on your plate, keeping this secret - where will you to find the time to think about the logistics involved?

    While the internet is a great resource for engagement ideas with DIY plans, at ROAM, we offer more than that. We are your secret keepers, your creative outlet, your confidante. We'll discuss your ideas with you, run errands, find the right locations and the right vendors, and make sure no detail has been forgotten.

    All you'll need to do is sit back, relax and embrace this incredible moment with your partner. Don't worry about a thing - we'll  be working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

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